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About Konami

Konami is a Japanese company started to operate in 1969 in the city of Osaka led by Mr. Kagemasa Kozuki, a forward-thinking gaming industry pioneer who demonstrates exceptional vitality, being its president to this day.

The company manufactured music jukeboxes, but it was in 1973 when Kozuki transformed this business and started to produce entertaining machines. Until 1985, Konami produces gaming software for recently appeared PCs and other popular consoles. However, this activity was secondary – the company’s main profit is still brought by slot machines.
Since then, Konami has grown into one of the largest gaming corporations in Japan. Gradually, its tentacles entangled half the world, and the world itself received from this a bunch of visually-appealing video games with a unique atmosphere and gaming experience.

Today, Konami is one of the leading developers and publishers of video games, slots, toys for children, payment cards, anime, entertaining machines and other products.

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