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About Cheque

Personal cheque is a non-cash payment instrument that is widely used in the world mainly by physical persons, but also by some smaller firms or institutions. The cheque is primarily intended for non-cash payment of goods and services, while a bank or postal office can also make cash payments. As a general rule, the use of checks is free of charge and users mainly pay a symbolic fee for checkbook blanket as well as for all other services related to their respective bank.

The payment procedure requires several steps, no matter the amount of a single cheque. First, you have to fill with all the required information, including the date of the waiting period, according to pre-defined deadlines with exact dates of payment. On the back side, you have to state your ID number and phone number as well as the number of your personal identification document.

Our Cheque Casino section holds more information about the establishments where you can use this payment method either to get a specific bonus or to make a deposit to your online casino account.

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