Top 5 Swedbank Casinos

About Swedbank

Swedbank is one of the leading commercial banks in Latvia with a wide network of branches. Established in 1992 as the German-Latvian Hansabank, the bank has been working since September 2008 under Swedbank brand.

To register for the online system of managing your accounts, you need to enter into a contract at the bank branch. Also, to connect to the service you need to have a Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard card or any other higher class card. Upon the registration, you have to pay the cost of servicing the card of the selected class for a period of 1 year. After signing the contract and executing the application for opening access to the mobile phone number you specified, an SMS message with credentials for logging in will appear on your screen.

In addition to the online banking from a PC device, customers can now make payments using a mobile app, where transactions under €30 require no additional entering of your credentials. This way, you can easily qualify for a bonus offer and start with an advantage over the competition. With that in mind, make a visit to our Swedbank Casino section, where an entire list of casinos offering special deals related to this payment solution is just waiting to be browsed.

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