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Top 5 Bitcoin Casinos

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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, independent of central banks, and therefore the account with bitcoins cannot be frozen or can be monitored by any transaction and is not under the jurisdiction of monetary authorities. Bitcoin is a decentralized, distributed, anonymous payment network, protected from inflation by a mathematical function, which prevents its quantity from rising above 21 million.

The cornerstone of Bitcoin philosophy is in the combination of the digital cryptographic security made by a large number of computers connected in a strong and indestructible peer to peer network and a limited amount of available resources, such as silver and gold.

Bitcoins are stored in a “digital wallet” on a computer. Also, there are “mobile wallets” installed on smartphones, and payment is done via code at the Bitcoin-accepting stores. An “Internet wallet” is also an option in which your coins are entrusted with the third-party safekeeping.

Getting your own coins is an easy procedure, and you can do it in just 3 simple steps. First, get your own Bitcoin wallet and then buy coins through a merchant or through a stock exchange. Finally, transfer the coins to your wallet and you can start making a deposit or take winnings from any casino that supports the cryptocurrency payments.

The number of bonus offers and deals for which you can qualify through this mechanism is growing and you can check them all in our Bitcoin Casino section.

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