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There are no special features for using Boleto in online casinos. The providers have made it as easy to use as an online shop.

Alongside pix, boleto is the most popular payment method for online sports betting and casino games on the Brazilian market.
The system is secure and easy to use. Fast 20% der Brasilianer kennen oder haben es.

How Boleto works

The use of Boleto Bancário, a popular Brazilian payment method, takes place in several steps, which are described in more detail here:

  1. Selecting the payment method: the customer begins the payment process by selecting Boleto from a list of available payment options on the merchant’s website.
  2. Generating the Boleto voucher: Once Boleto is selected as the payment method, the system automatically generates a Boleto voucher. This voucher contains all relevant information about the payment, including the amount, the recipient, the due date and a barcode.
  3. Download of the voucher: The generated Boleto voucher is made available to the customer, often via an automatic download or via a link in an e-mail.
  4. Payment of the Boleto voucher: The customer can pay for the Boleto voucher in various ways. The most common methods are internet banking, payment at an ATM, in authorised outlets such as supermarkets, post offices or specialised payment points.
  5. Confirmation of payment: After the customer has paid the Boleto, the payment is processed by the banking system. Confirmation of payment can take between one and three working days. As soon as the payment is confirmed, the merchant is informed and the purchase can be finalised or the service released.
  6. Completion of the transaction: Once the merchant has received confirmation of payment, the purchase process is finalised. The customer usually receives a confirmation of the successful payment and all relevant information about the order or service purchased.

About Boleto

Boleto Bancário is a payment solution widely-popular in Brazil but also used in a range of online shops, casinos and other merchants based outside this country. Simply known as Boleto, this payment option generates payment invoices that are usually printed and then physically paid at the point of sale, eliminating the need to enter a bank or card information on the Internet.

The concept was originally introduced in 2000 as an open payment solution regulated by FEBRABAN (Brazilian Federation of Banks) now accepted by more than 48.000 businesses , also allowing foreign merchants to electronically implement Boleto Bancário into their online payment platform via brokers without having to own a Brazilian bank account.

Boletos (or “tickets” in English) are generated through an online purchase of a product or service, including deposit to the online casino site, and can be paid at sales outlets or through the online banking. Boleto Bancário policies and costs vary from banks to banks, as the system is open and written individually to the services of each participant financial institution.

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