CASHlib Online Casinos

Looking for an easy way to deposit money to play at online casinos? CAShlib is the perfect alternative. CASHlib is an innovative prepaid voucher that allows you to make transactions with supported merchants, including a growing number of online casinos, without revealing your credit or debit card number or bank details. With the 16-digit CAShlib code, you deposit to online casinos in a secure and largely anonymous way. Deposits are immediately available for your games or bets. If you don’t have a credit card or want to be careful with your personal information, CASHlib is also a perfect payment method on the web. You can buy CASHlib online in special shops. On the Internet, this is possible, for example, at . In Germany you can find CASHlib where other payment cards are offered, at petrol stations, kiosks and in some shops.

  • You can buy CASHlib with cash
  • For depositing funds at the CASHlib Online Casino you will receive a 16-Character-long CAShlib code with a unique string.
  • Casino winnings can be cashed out to your bank account or other accounts.

What exactly is the CASHlib voucher?

The CASHlib Code allows you to make secure online payments and deposit at CASHlib Casinos without using your credit card. With CASHlib, you receive an individually generated 16-character code that represents the amount you paid in cash as the face value depending on the denomination. The value can be found on the voucher. You can purchase CASHlib with a value from €5 to €250. The majority of online casinos require a minimum deposit of €10.

How does a deposit with a CASHlib voucher work?

Submit a valid CASHlib voucher code for your deposit to one of the participating CASHlib Casinos. CASHlib will validate the code online and your deposit will be instantly credited to your account. If you deposit only a portion of the value, the balance will remain on the voucher and can be used later or in another casino. Only you personally can redeem the voucher code. A transfer and assignment to third parties is not possible. There is currently no gift option available.

After the successful payment, your voucher is ready to make a deposit in the online casino and thus qualify for a bonus or even benefit from a business that is exclusively associated with this mechanism. Simply visit our CASHlib Casino section to see what special bonus offers are currently online.

Can the coupon code expire?

The CASHlib code is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiration date is printed on each voucher. The “Use-by-Date” date tells you by when you must use up the credit on your CASHlib voucher code. If you do not do this in time, you are still entitled to a refund. For the refund of the amount a monthly fee of 2 Euro is charged, which is deducted from the credit of the voucher. In addition, there may be a fee of 15 Euros for the refund. After the purchase of CASHlib voucher codes there is a right of return within 15 days of the purchase date. During this period you can cancel your CASHlib voucher free of charge.

How many coupon codes can be purchased?

You can buy 5 voucher codes per day. The value of each voucher can be up to €250. This results in a daily amount of €1250. The limit of the single code is €250 and only the purchase of 5 codes is possible.

Owner and customer service

The CASHlib service is provided by IN PROGRESS SAS. The company is headquartered in Wales, UK. CASHlib was founded in 2018 with the aim of simplifying payments when using online services. On CAShlib’s homepage you will find information on customer service, which you can reach via the online form at . The help pages list the most frequently asked questions and answers. If your question is not answered, please contact us directly via the online form for individual questions, quoting the voucher code. Our customer service will be happy to help you.

Conclusion on CASHlib for Online Casinos

No credit card or debit card is required to use the anonymous CASHlib code at CASHlib Online Casino. Cash is sufficient. Personal data is not required. The CASHlib voucher is a secure deposit method for playing in online casinos. Your player account will be credited immediately. Only for the payout of your winnings you must use an alternative, this could be a disadvantage for one or the other, since payouts via CASHlib are not possible.