Top 5 Diners Club International Casinos

About Diners Club

Diners Club card is a charge card intended for payment of goods and services at home and abroad issued to a private person, solely on her behalf. The system offers numerous benefits, not only related to the Internet payments of goods and services, but also use of the 700 Airport Lounge Salons located in 300 airports in 100 countries worldwide free of charge, as well as discounts at numerous sales outlets and a free prize program.

For each purchase with a Diners Club card you collect prize points and participate in the prize draw where you can exchange prize points for loyalty points on DC Loyalty cards, gifts, or donations. Still, in order to get this card, you have to be an employed person, able to regularly pay all transactions incurred by its use in order to avoid a bit higher interest rates.

Users of the Diners Club card can apply for the Diners Club E-card intended exclusively for online shopping, and providing a better security through the authentication using the 17-digit number as a combination of a  14-digit card number and a 3-digit control number.

Diners Club Casino section gathers all the establishment that accept this card as a payment mechanisms, also offering special bonus and discount offers for purchasing casino credits through it.

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